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Duxplex UBH Sport Fitness Classes



Day                             Time                           Class Name                                       


Monday                   9:30-10:30am*           UBH Strength & Conditioning 


Tuesday                    5:30-6:30am               UBH Strength & Conditioning

                                8:30-9:15am             UBH Turf Yoga

                                9:30-10:15am*          UBH Strength & Conditioning  


Wednesday                5:30-6:15am             UBH Strength & Conditioning

                                9:30-10:30am*           UBH Strength & Conditioning


Thursday                   5:30-6:30am               UBH Strength & Conditioning         

               8:30-9:15am              UBH Group Strength Training

               9:30-10:30am*           UBH Strength & Conditioning 

               10:30-1130am            UBH Pilates


Friday                        9:30-10:30am*           UBH Strength & Conditioning 


Saturday                    8:00-9:00am*             UBH Strength & Conditioning


Sunday                       8:00-8:45am             UBH Strength & Conditioning Jim Bunnell

*babysitting available and is offered as a complimentary service!



                        Category                                      Rate               

Daily Class Pass                             $15                 

Monthly Unlimited Pass-Individual   $99 

Monthly Unlimited Pass-Couple       $160



UBH Strength & Conditioning

A challenging, dynamic, non stop total body workout. Strength, agility, multi directional movement, this class has it all.

UBH Group Train

With more emphasis on strength, this 45 minute class includes intervals of conditioning, plyometrics, and resistance exercises.


UBH Bootcamp

An effective workout, using high intensity drills with low impact weight, cardiovascular training combined with intervals of maximum effort.


UBH Bootcamp Yoga (Will be reinstated this Summer)

A fast paced power yoga class that combines strength-work and stretching.  You will challenge your balance and work on core and stability while engaging your entire body.



Wednesday 5:30am-6:15am  Sunday 8am-8:45.

We are honored to have Jim Bunnell instruct this class.  Come see what makes this class so special.

This class may include any or a combination of the above cited disciplines**


**Not including yoga.



posted 01/12/2015
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